Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Farewell Chewie

Last weekend, we had the sad duty to farewell Chewie, our longest serving guinea pig.  Chewie entered our lives in April 2010 and although she outlasted one companion, we suspect that it was a scrap with her two new ones which ended her life.

Chewie was the most tame of our guinea pigs and it was always a pleasure to come home to her squeals and standing on her hind legs begging for grass.  She got on really well with panda and they used to exchange nose-to-nose greetings.  Panda would give her a quick lick on the nose.  She quickly learned to be wary of fudge though because after a surprise first lick she discovered just how long and powerful his tongue was.

Chewie took sick on Thursday night and although we tried to make her better (and for a little while we seemed to be having some success), she slipped away sometime on Saturday night.

Kaelan did the honours and buried her.

Goodbye Chewie, we'll miss you but you won't be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Q: where do animals go to die?
A: To live with the Bollards.

Seriously, is your blog one long obituary?

Gavin Bollard said...

Isn't life.